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The Story of SPUDS

SPUDS is a pick-up band that regularly plays for The Mt Airy Contra Dance on Thursday night held at the Commodore Barry Club in Mt. Airy, a northern suburb of Philadelphia.

SPUDS is open to all musicians who wish to participate, and has musicians of different levels of ability among its members. Since it is a contradance band, the tunes are mostly reels, jigs and waltzes.

The jams/rehearsals are held approximately every 7 weeks. They are hosted by SPUDS members and are held at a different location each time.

SPUDS members are reminded by e-mail to check with the SPUDS web site for up-coming events and performances.

Join the SPUDS Google Group Mailing List

Bill Quern quernbill@gmail.com
Sarah Gowan ssgowan@gmail.com
(to schedule band, get information or add or change addresses)

Website and Tunes for Downloading:
Sarah Gowan ssgowan@gmail.com