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THURSDAY November 17, 2022
8:00 - 11:00PM

Fearless Leader:
Kim Neubauer

This will be an indoor, masked, vaccinated dance at the
Commodore Barry Club / The Irish Center
6815 Emlen St., Philadelphia, PA 1911
For more information about the dance and safety protocols: website

Tunes: PDF   ABC

Rehearsal will be online via Zoom on Nov 3rd.
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SPUDS is still gathering monthly online. To get more information, make sure you are on the SPUDS mailing list and it will be sent to you before each session.
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Our Tune swaps have been great fun!
How it works:
We meet approximately every month on zoom to share tunes, chat, and keep our little music community connected. Because it’s zoom, only one household can play at a time (with everyone else muted), so it’s more of a tune swap than a jam. And because a lot of people in SPUDS like to play from sheet music, we ask folks who are willing to share a tune over zoom to send it to us ahead of time so we can get the sheet music together before the session. Each session has some kind of theme to spark ideas, but we aren’t particularly rigid about sticking to the theme. The deadline to submit tunes is Monday at 6:15pm before the scheduled Thursday swap. Our preferred format is abc notation, but we’ll also take a pdf file or jpeg.

 We take turns in order of the list included in the packet unless someone wants to go earlier or later. We've settled on playing a tune three times through, unless it's a medley, then it will be each tune one or two times. Tempos have been hovering between a slow 80 BPM to a brisk 120, but it’s up to each person’s comfort and ability.

 It’s all very relaxed – you’ll get the feel of how it works right away. Not ready to share a tune? That’s fine, too! Just come and play along, chat, or just hang out.  

The zoom link goes out on Monday with the week’s tune packet. The “doors” open Thursday at 6:15 for chat and sound checks for the people leading tunes, and the actual swap starts a 6:45. 

Here is an archive of the over 800 tunes we've shared so far!